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Terms and conditions


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1. General conditions


These Terms of Use represent a binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of the entity and its affiliates www.newsdaily.ro on your access and use the site www.newsdaily.ro .




IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT OR CHANGES THAT MAY www.newsdaily.ro do in the future to not use, access, or continue USING OR ACCESSING SERVICES www.newsdaily.ro .


i. You can’t use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the material without having a written permission from www.newsdaily.ro .


ii. www.newsdaily.ro make every effort to provide accurate information permanently taken from authorized sources whenever possible. However, www.newsdaily.ro and affiliates can not guarantee, expressed or implied, concerning the content www.newsdaily.ro or products and services offered or sold in the direct and explicit website.


iii. www.newsdaily.ro and its affiliates can not be held responsible for how a website user use any information contained in this website. www.newsdaily.ro and affiliates is not liable in any circumstances for any damage, caused directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect lack of profit (including, but not limited to damages for loss of profit, interruption of business, other pecuniary loss), incurred as a result of use or interruption of use of the information and services provided by www.newsdaily.ro .


iv. www.newsdaily.ro and affiliates can’t ensure that computer systems and software used to display or transmit information to / from www.newsdaily.ro or in any other form shall not contain viruses or other destructive code sequences or other destructive properties because these systems and software are made by / under the control www.newsdaily.ro and affiliates.


v. Each user www.newsdaily.ro agrees that, at the request of the site and / or affiliates, to exonerate www.newsdaily.ro and affiliates for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover costs and any other expenses that may arise as a result of a breach by that user clauses of this document.


vi. The website reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove any portion of the content. Also, the site reserves the right to restrict user access to part or the whole content.


2. Intellectual property


By using this website you acknowledge that www.newsdaily.ro and all services and products offered or marketed through Site www.newsdaily.ro constitute intellectual property and other organizations or persons (if any).


www.newsdaily.ro content and design, as well as any other material relating to Sent by e-mail or delivered in any other way (ie: guides, articles, design and any other material) belong www.newsdaily.ro and collaborators (where this is expressly stated) and are protected by intellectual property laws.


Except as expressly stated in this document is forbidden copying, use or reproduction of site content and design without having prior written permission for this from www.newsdaily.ro .


By submitting any information or material to www.newsdaily.ro acknowledge www.newsdaily.ro full right permanently and irrevocably to modify and use the information or materials that in any way considered useful or necessary, including to develop and commercialize new products or services based on this information. You acknowledge that you have no right to ask for any form of consideration for such information or documents.


For all such information and material, explicitly guarantees that (a) you own or control all rights under the law allow you to provide the information or documents, (b) that the information or documents are true, (c) the use of these Information or documents not violate the provisions of this document and does not affect other people. www.newsdaily.ro assumes no liability concerning such information or materials.


3. Communication platforms


The site can provide communication platform between you and other users (system comments to articles, forums, messaging, chat, and any other systems that allow the generation of content by users of the site).


The site can not and does not seek to filter messages posted or sent by its users through these communication platforms and reserves the right at any time and without notice to remove, move, edit or restrict access to some users one of its communication platforms.


For comments posted by users, the items contained in the website, the responsibility rests entirely on the content of their authors. The website reserves the right not to publish those comments that contradict the terms and conditions of use they deem harmful, in any form, self-image, partners or third parties.


You are fully responsible for the content or any damage resulting from your postings through communication platforms available from the websites (“Contribution”) (“Participation”). When you create or make available a Contribution, thereby represent and warrant that:


a. creation, distribution, transmission, public display and interpretation, accessing, downloading and copying of your Contribution does not violate property rights, including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or moral rights of any third parties.

b. are the creator and owner of or have licenses, rights, consents, assignments of rights and permissions to use and authorize www.newsdaily.ro and site users to use your Contributions as necessary to exercise the licenses offered Your understanding in this;


c. Your contribution does not contain malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malicious code or other content or destructive;


d. Your contribution is not obscene, indecent, filthy, violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable (as determined by www.newsdaily.ro ), libelous or slanderous, does not incite, encourage or threaten against others not violate any applicable law, regulation or rule, and does not violate property rights or publicity of any third party;

e. Your contribution is not, contains, install or attempt to install or promote spyware or malicious programs or any other kind of programming code or equipment or computers www.newsdaily.ro or someone else who was designed to allows you or others to gather information about or monitor the online activities of another party / person / company;


f. Your contribution does not flood the site with communications or other traffic frivolous or suggestions that could make use of the site does not conform stated purpose;


g. Your contribution does not violate in any way, or link to material that violates any provision of this agreement or any applicable law or regulation;


h. Your contribution does not contain pictures, data, audio or video files or any other content that is excessive in size, as determined by www.newsdaily.ro at its discretion;


i. Your contribution can’t contain a form widely recognized in society as “advertising” to various categories of goods and services.


j. Your contribution can not send or refers Site users or members of any unsolicited commercial message, whether or not such reference is made through communication systems provided by the Website or through other means of communication


k. Your contribution can do publish, transmit or make reference to any posts containing recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service


By posting Contributions to any part of the Site, your automatically grant, represent and warrant that you have the right www.newsdaily.ro granting of licenses available worldwide, which are irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable no royalties paid in full and allowing us use, copy, free to use, public display, reformation, translation, extraction (total or in part) and distribute such Contributions for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise on or in connection with the Site or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works / or incorporated into other works, such Contributions, and to grant sub-licenses and authorization of the above.


By sending your messages to or through any means of communication, you agree that you are solely responsible and will indemnify website for any damages, costs or limitations profits arising from the posting, transmission or by your reference messages whose content violates the limitations of the preceding paragraph.


4. The content www.newsdaily.ro


The use www.newsdaily.ro and products and services offered or sold through www.newsdaily.ro in ways or to achieve goals contrary to existing laws or provisions of this document.


The use, transfer or distribute any of the information submitted through www.newsdaily.ro  in a manner that could be competition for www.newsdaily.ro .


It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modification, creation of components or complete products or services derived, and any way exploit www.newsdaily.ro , except for display on a computer screen and personal printing or downloading, for personal and noncommercial use of certain documents or information expressly designated, provided that you retain unchanged all items referring to intellectual property rights, other proprietary rights and conditions of use of the documents or information.


www.newsdaily.ro content can be viewed only for personal use of the website user, without commercial intent. The right to use the i) individual and nonexclusive ii) allows for certain materials prepared bywww.newsdaily.ro and published through established forms www.newsdaily.ro site is forbidden to trade in any form of these materials, iii) not reproduce, modify or show and participating in the transfer, duplication, or sale of materials produced by reproducing, modifying or displaying any form, in whole or in part www.newsdaily.ro content.


It is forbidden i) redistribution or publication of information and documents presented at www.newsdaily.ro , regardless of the tools by which the distribution is made (radio, television, newspapers, computer networks, to display on other websites) ii) www.newsdaily.ro use and information provided through or creating a database or iii) the use and information provided through www.newsdaily.ro or improve the quality of other information sold or offered for a user of the site by third parties.


The use www.newsdaily.ro name and the names of services through www.newsdaily.ro in any manner which creates the impression that there erroneously direct link between the person using such name or names and owners managers or employees www.newsdaily.ro .


Parts of the content included in the Site may be provided by third parties that site has signed contracts to supply content. Also within the site content may be included in the advertising section that will display advertisements of third parties. This site is not responsible in any way the content supplied by third parties, whether it is advertising or not. Also, the site is not responsible for the content of the pages referenced within it.


You are solely responsible for the consequences of interaction with other members or visitors of the Site. At times, the Site reserves the right, without being obliged to express it, to monitor disputes between members and take decisions to restore order in the community. Any other condition not specified here requires prior consultation and agreement www.newsdaily.ro .


www.newsdaily.ro reserves the right to modify this document at any time and in any way. Those amendments will take effect from the time that will be introduced in this document. For this reason, we invite you to periodically reread this document.


The rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement and all legal effects it produces this Agreement shall be construed and governed by Romanian law in force. Any dispute which concerns this Agreement shall be brought for settlement in the Romanian courts at the company that manages the site.