Caribbean hit by magnitude-7.6 earthquake, tsunami advisory in place

A magnitude-7.6 earthquake strikes north of Honduras in the Caribbean, sparking a tsunami warning in the area, the the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says.

US announces end of special protections for Salvadoran immigrants

The Trump administration says it is ending special protections for Salvadoran immigrants, in an action that could force nearly 200,000 to leave the US by September 2019 or face deportation.

Three injured in fire at Trump Tower in New York

Three people are injured in an early morning fire at the top of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, the New York Fire Department says, as the city’s workday rush begins.

Iran claims end to week-long unrest, MPs concerned over students’ fate

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say the country’s people and security forces have defeated unrest fomented by foreign enemies, as parliament and security officials meet to discuss the boldest challenge to the clerical establishment since 2009.

Ash-spewing volcano in PNG ‘forces villagers to flee’

A remote island volcano in Papua New Guinea begins spewing ash into the air, forcing the evacuation of more than 500 residents, media and non-profit groups say.

Panic as planes collide at Toronto airport, sparking fire

Two planes collide on the ground at a Toronto airport, causing a fire on one and sending passengers into a panic on the other.

‘Latte levy’ could be imposed on UK coffee drinkers to reduce waste

British MPs propose putting a levy on the sale of all disposable coffee cups if they are not made recyclable, saying a disincentive is the only way to curb the number being thrown away by coffee drinkers each year.

Australian buses get new life in PNG’s women-only service

Most women are victims of crime on Port Moresby’s public transport, but a safe, clean, ladies-only service is expanding with its first female drivers.

Here’s why people in Iran are protesting, and what’s likely to happen next

The rising price of eggs was the last straw for angry Iranians and has sparked the biggest protests in the country for nearly a decade. But the unrest is unlikely to lead to major changes, Anne Barker writes.