‘I am not a racist’: Trump denies making ‘s***hole’ comments

US President Donald Trump insists “I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed” in response to reports he described immigrants from Haiti and Africa as coming from “s***hole countries”.

Activist projects ‘S***HOLE’, poo emojis on Trump’s hotel

Activist and artist Robin Bell projects the word “S***HOLE” along with poo emojis and other slogans on the Trump International Hotel in Washington

Trump nukes strategy could see US ‘blundering into nuclear war with Russia’, critics fear

Re-establishing Cold War era missiles and fitting submarines with nuclear warheads forms part of a plan the Trump administration says is intended to make nuclear conflict less likely, but critics argue it would do the opposite.

Wahlberg donates $1.5m reshoot fee amid reports Williams made $1,000

The US actor agrees to donate the $US1.5 million he earned for All the Money in the World reshoots to the Time’s Up initiative, after reports co-star Michelle Williams made less than $US1,000 for the retakes.

The rape and murder of Zainab Ansari is only part of the story

The seven-year-old’s tragic death in Pakistan has left dozens of questions. But it’s not the first time shocking sex crimes against children have rocked the region and experts have no confidence it will be the last.

Trump kicks himself in the behind with s***hole comment

How the US President responds to the backlash around reports of his comments may yet determine if an immigration reform deal is salvageable, but an explanation beyond a Twitter denial is required.

Australian grandmother who avoided death penalty released on bail in Malaysia

Australian mother-of-four Maria Exposto is released on bail in Malaysia, after being found not guilty of drug trafficking late last year and avoiding the death penalty.

Trump ‘unlikely’ to submit to a Russia probe interview, as ‘nobody’s found any collusion’

US President Donald Trump says it “seems unlikely” he’d have to be interviewed for Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion with Russia, because “nobody’s found collusion at any level”.

Heavy snow leaves 13,000 stranded at Swiss ski resort

Helicopters are used to ferry stranded tourists out of a ski resort in the Swiss Alps, where unusually heavy snow has left about 13,000 people stranded.