France to deliver first aid to Kurds in north Iraq

Source: – Saturday, August 09, 2014
The French president's office says France will deliver a load of first aid to Iraq in the next few hours.

Spain’s La Liga works to be a premier soccer league in its own right

Source: – Saturday, August 09, 2014
Gareth Bale was born in Wales and learned to play professional soccer in the English Premier League. But lately he's become a passionate advocate for Spain's La Liga, where he is about to begin his second season with Real Madrid.

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Dozens of Israelis defy police to protest Gaza war

More than 150 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against a Gaza war entering its second month, in defiance of a police ban on the assembly that cited military restrictions on public gatherings in cities within range of rocket fire. The relatively small turnout was similar to the numbers that have shown up for most weekly demonstrations held since Israel launched an offensive against the Hamas Islamist militants in Gaza on July 8, underscoring the broad public support in Israel behind the war. Slogans daubed on banners held by protesters read: “Stop the massacre,” and “Free Gaza.”Halleli Pinson, one of the women who attended, said she objected to “the bombing of Gaza and basically we are calling to end the cycle of violence here.” About two dozen war supporters held a counter-protest nearby, but there were no reported clashes between the two groups. Israeli police had earlier banned the protest citing military restrictions against holding public gatherings in cities targeted by rockets fired from Gaza.

U.S. Launches 4 Airstrikes On Iraqi Militants

Source: – Saturday, August 09, 2014
WASHINGTON (AP) ? The U.S. military says American jet fighters and drones have conducted four more airstrikes on Islamic militants in Iraq, taking out armored carriers and a truck that were firing on civilians. U.S. Central Command says the Islamic State militants were firing on Yazidi civilians taking shelter in the Sinjar mountains. In a statement, the military says the militants were firing on civilians indiscriminately. Central Command says the strikes near Sinjar were spread out, with three before noon Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday and one about 3 p.m. The military says indications suggest that the strikes were successful in destroying the armored vehicles. This is the third round of airstrikes against Islamic State forces by the U.S. military since they were authorized by President Barack Obama.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ugandans celebrate gay pride

A transgender Ugandan poses in front of a rainbow flag during the 3rd Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride celebrations in Entebbe, Uganda, Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. Scores of Ugandan homosexuals and their supporters are holding a gay pride parade on a beach in the lakeside town of Entebbe. The parade is their first public event since a Ugandan court invalidated an anti-gay law that was widely condemned by some Western governments and rights watchdogs. (AP Photo/Rebecca Vassie)Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Ugandans can face a barrage of discrimination and sometimes violence in their everyday lives, but scores of them turned out to march in a gay pride parade Saturday. The gathering in the town of Entebbe was the first since a Ugandan court overturned an anti-gay law on a technicality. Sponsors of the law, which called for jail terms up to life for people convicted of homosexuality, plan to reintroduce it later this month. Some attendees wore masks to conceal their identities.

Hawaii governor faces tough contest in primary election before hurricane

An emergency road crew clears off debris from a downed tree from the H1 freeway as Tropical Storm Iselle passes through the Hawaiian islands, in Honolulu, HawaiiBy Malia Mattoch McManus HONOLULU (Reuters) – Hawaii voters went to the polls on Saturday for the state's primary election as authorities and residents rushed to clean up debris from one tropical storm with only a day to prepare for an approaching hurricane. Voters are to decide a Democratic primary contest between Governor Neil Abercrombie and state Senator David Ige. The governor has a thriving economy on his side, but Ige has surged to a double-digit edge in polls despite raising a fraction of Abercrombie's campaign war chest. A loss by Abercrombie, who was endorsed by Hawaii-born President Barack Obama, would mark the first defeat for an incumbent Democratic governor in Hawaii since it was granted statehood in 1959, potentially upsetting the political landscape ahead of the November general election.

Obama warns of ‘long-term project’ in Iraq

US President Barack Obama delivers a statement before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on August 9, 2014 in Washington, DCPresident Barack Obama warned Saturday that the US offensive in Iraq was a "long-term project" to rout out militants and deliver aid to beleaguered civilians. Recognizing there was no US military solution to reverse Islamic State fighters' advances in Iraq, Obama called on Iraqi officials to urgently form a unity government. While US air strikes have destroyed the militants' arms and equipment within striking distance of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, Obama said the operations that began this week could last "months." "We feel confident we can prevent ISIL from going up the mountain and slaughtering the people who are there," Obama said, using the militant group's former name of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Source: – Saturday, August 09, 2014
From the deep reaches of the Kansas City Northland, here's a somewhat interesting political battle and aftermath to this week's primary. To wit . . . CHECK ARTIST HATERATION AND HARDCORE JERRY NOLTE ATTACK FROM CLAY COUNTY DUDE JAY SWEARINGEN AMID HIS ONLINE ASK!!! Speaking of unsolicited bulk e-mail… Check the Northland campaign note Jay Swearingen: We Have An Opponent On Tuesday, the campaign gods smiled on our race and gave us Jerry Nolte as our opponent in the General Election for Clay County Presiding Commissioner. That's great news. Jerry's Primary campaign was well-funded, but unprofessional and only barely effective. He won by the skin of his teeth thanks to the anti-Pam-Mason endorsements by all the local Clay County papers and the Kansas City Star; endorsements that will likely come my way in the fall. Jerry is an artist from Gladstone, and his resume has only one item of note – eight years in the Missouri House of Representatives. Some called him "No-Show Nolte" for missing nearly 250 votes in a single legislative session. But I think that moniker is unfair. Jerry made all the important votes, like voting to gut Medicaid at the direction of Gov. Matt Blunt, and voting for his own bill to decrease the minimum wage by overturning a minimum wage ballot initiative that was supported by more than 79% of your Clay County friends and neighbors. My master of public administration degree , decade of experience working in muni

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