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Australian sanctioned for ‘bribery’ at Golden Triangle casino in Laos

The United States imposes sanctions on Abbas Eberahim, an Australian man working for a wild casino nicknamed Sin City in South-East Asia’s Golden Triangle.

Man executed for killing daughters while mum listened

A former accountant who shot his two young daughters dead at his apartment while the girls’ mother listened on the phone is executed in Texas.

Australian delegation to Indonesia shares expertise on securing information

It may not be the best timing, but the Federal Government has sent a delegation this week to Indonesia to share expertise on how it handles and secures government information.

Teen who stabbed classmate to please ‘Slender Man’ sentenced to 40 years in mental hospital

Morgan Geyser was just 12 years old when she lured her classmate to the woods and stabbed her 19 times, believing she had to win favour with a fictional horror character called Slender Man. Today she apologised for the crime at her sentencing.

US defence test fails to shoot down dummy missile

The US military fails to shoot down an incoming dummy missile from Hawaii during a test, a US official says, amid heightened concerns about North Korea’s developing missile and nuclear program.

Kesha embraces #MeToo moment with Grammys performance of Praying

American musician Kesha takes the #MeToo cause to the Grammys with a powerful performance of a song many believe was written about the singer’s alleged abuser, as Bruno Mars takes out three of the big four awards at the show.

Militants launch attack near military academy in Kabul

At least five militants have attacked an army outpost near the Marshal Fahim National Defence University in the Afghan capital of Kabul, a witness says, days after an ambulance packed with explosives killed at least 100 people in the troubled city.

Unconscious baby among seven survivors of sunken Kiribati ferry

A fishing boat has picked up seven survivors, including an unconscious baby, from a ferry which sank off the Pacific island nation of Kiribati.

Paris flood engulfs riverside walkways, shuts down Louvre exhibition

The overflowing river Seine turns Paris footpaths into waterways, with swans swimming where there are usually pavements and the city’s famous tourist boats shut down.